Designer Handbags: The Key To A Fashionable Look

Published: 24th May 2011
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Fashionistas have always linked designer handbags to a chic look and it is now easier than ever to find a designer handbag that fits your style. Handbags come in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and functionalities and it is imperative to know what you are looking for before you even begin shopping. With the plethora of options, it should never be an option to settle on a bag: always hold out for the one you really want.

The first element women usually look at in a handbag is the color. It is the first thing that attracts onlookersí eyes and the color of the designer handbag can go so far as to portray your character to passers-by. If you consider yourself an exuberant person or are wearing bright clothes, itís usually a good idea to choose one of the designer handbags that offers bright colors. On the flipside, if you want to portray yourself in a professional light, a grey or black color usually works best. Many women choose a neutral-colored designer handbag such as black, grey, or white so it matches with many outfits. If the colors in your wardrobe are diverse, it may be in your best interest to buy a handbag that has switchable shells, thus allowing you to have just one bag and avoid buying more costly handbags.

After the color, the shape of the handbag should be taken into consideration. The shape and size of designer handbags deal with functionality and what the handbag will be used for should be a factor in determining the size. Women who have a tendency to place every small, portable object they own in a bag should opt for a larger bag size. How you will use your bag plays a large role in determining the size and shape, but a designer handbag can also accentuate your body type. Handbags donít form to your body like most accessories (necklace, bracelet, etc.), so the shape of the bag must be chosen with your own physical makeup in mind. A rule of thumb is to find a bag that is opposite your body structure. For example, petite women should avoid purchasing especially tiny designer handbags because they can make them appear even smaller. Instead, a medium-sized or large bag is a better choice because it balances with the petite frame.

Buying designer handbags no longer means you have to break the bank, either. While you can still find beautiful handbags in malls and at boutique stores, there are now other options. Internet shopping offers some discounts, and purse parties are becoming more and more popular as fun shopping opportunities. An increasingly popular method of getting a designer handbag is by hosting a purse party. Purse parties offer hostesses a way to both make money by selling handbags and a way to get exclusive styles not offered to the general public.

Whatever your designer handbag taste may be, there are a slew of options. Color and shape are always factors and a carefully selected designer handbag can turn heads as effectively as your most flattering dress. The options are numerous, so a woman should never settle on a bag that doesnít fit her fashion sense or work alongside her body style. Take the time to find designer handbags that suit you and work well with your wardrobe, or buy a single bag with customizable shells, which essentially works like owning multiple bags. The options are endless, so take advantage.

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